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Policies, FAQ's, General Rules & Studio Etiquette




You will be sent home if appearing under the influence.

If you are pregnant, you must come with a doctors note.



NO REFUNDS. Unless in the event of a medical emergency, credit may be given if a medical note from a licensed practitioner is provided for the specified date & time of missed class. Credits expire 1 month from issue date. Please check your expiration dates. Class Packages, Trials or Memberships MAY NOT be shared. 


Log into your account to cancel/reschedule. 12 hours MINIMUM notice prior to class time must be given or class is forfeited. Unlimited Memberships require the same notice, or full class price fee is due.

Pole Parties, & Private Lessons require a MINIMUM of 48 hours notice or else payment is fully forfeited. $75 non-refundable fee for any party cancellations under 7 days. 

No exceptions. No Refunds or trades. Unless in the event of a medical emergency, credit may be given if a medical note from a licensed practitioner is provided for the specified date & time of missed class. Credits expire 1 month from issue date.


Bookings close 12 hours prior to class start time. Walk-ins welcome at own risk of classes being full, cancelled, rescheduled, etc.


In consideration of other students and for safety reasons, please arrive no more than 15 minutes after your sessions scheduled start time or you forfeit your class. Late arrivals do not have adequate time to properly warm up, and are at higher risk of injury. You may depart at any time once the session has started.

Train Policy

To keep things fair, if you get stuck at a train take a picture and show it to instructor IN PERSON. Anything other than in person will NOT credit you. 

If you end up being more than 15 mins late due to the train, and you would like to still attend class, show instructor your picture and make sure to hop in doing a full body warm up prior to hopping on to pole stuff. We still want you practicing safely & we need to make sure your body is warm! Injuries SUCK to come back from, so make sure you are warm!

If you would rather attend a different class due to being so late, that is also an option ONLY if picture of the train is presented IN PERSON. 



Q: Who are classes for?

A: Anyone who is willing to try pole dance fitness out!

Q: Do I need experience?
A: No. A good level of fitness is always helpful but not essential. Classes are designed to allow everyone to advance at their own pace.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Make sure you are comfortable.


We recommend that you dress in layers. Wear shorts underneath for easy change after you are warmed up, as classes are fast paced.


A tank top, T-shirt, sports bra, shorts, booty shorts, active wear are all acceptable attire, whatever you are comfortable in. Dressing up is highly encouraged. "When you look good, you feel good!" The more skin exposed the better as we use our skin for friction to stick to the pole, the more we advance. There are also sticky wears available such as Luna Lae. 

Classes from Levitations & up need to have shorts/sticky leggings and arms exposed. We will be using more skin in classes past the Intro & Foundations class.

No shoes unless clean studio sneakers (not worn outside)

NO JEWELRY! (Rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces)

NO CREAMS & LOTIONS ON THE BODY! (It is good to have moisturized skin with water based moisturizers, but please do not moisturize right before class, as it can be very dangerous and cause slipping for you and others.) 

Q: What should I bring?
A: -Water Bottle
     -Workout clothing

     -Pen & pad if you wish to take notes

     -Padlock for locker if you wish to lock your things

     -Knee Pads 

     -Yoga Mat (Some may be supplied at studio, and are used in a community manner. If you wish to not share, please bring your own)

     -Positive attitude

Q: How long is the class?
Class times are in the class description of each class. Most classes are 60 mins.

Q: What do we do in the class?
Each class is different. You can find the details of each class in the class description of each class. You can expect to do a warm up, floor & pole based moves, strength building moves, conditioning & stretches.

Q: Can my friend come to watch?

No spectators unless otherwise permitted for certain classes (EX: Couples Candlelight and Stage Night).

Q: Do I get my own pole?

Yes! (Unless you booked a pole party with more than 9 people).

General Rules & Studio Etiquette


• Make it to class on time.

• No food in the Studio, lobby is ok.

• Luggage and apparel are not permitted in the activity/action zones. Please use cubbies &/or lockers.

• Classes besides the All Ages class may contain provocative style dance moves & attire.

• All participants must be 18 years old or older. If under the age of 18 you must have parent/legal guardian permission.

• If  you are a parent/legal guardian allowing your minor to attend classes, you acknowledge the content of the classes and give permission for your child to attend.

• All participants must sign a waiver, releasing Twirl Lit Fitness, LLC from liability and acknowledge personal responsibility for your own safety.

• You are required to have your own insurance.

• All pole exercise and dance participants must successfully complete the Pre-Req Intro Class.

• Participants must be attentive and participate during class and be respectful to instructor and other classmates.

• No lotions, creams, oils shall be put on the skin before class. Doing so can cause slipping off the pole resulting in injury.

•  No jewelry shall be worn during class. Doing so may damage belongings, get tangled on the pole, or damage equipment.

• Climbing or inverting to top tier areas without proper training by an instructor is not permitted.

• Beginner and intermediate training must be successfully completed prior to inverting.

• Use of crash mats during inverted training or difficult moves is recommended.

• Training other individuals during a Twirl Lit Fitness session, or any other session is not permitted.

• Open Pole is not for tutorials and/or attempting difficult moves that you have not done before.

• The use of at least one spotter is recommended with advance movement.

• Exercise and dance within your personal limits.

• Children are not permitted in the studio during exercise and dance sessions, unless otherwise permitted. Ex: during All Ages class.

• All minors 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult unless otherwise permitted.

• The 3-strike rule for behavior and pick up time applies for minors. Parent/legal guardian/adult is responsible for holding minors accountable for good behavior.

• All minors are expected to follow studio rules and class session guide, just like everyone else.

• Parent/legal guardian/person on allowed to pick up minor list shall arrive at studio at least 5 minutes prior to end of class time and pick up time adheres to the 3-strike rule.

• Only people on the list of allowed people will be able to pick the minor up.


Things to Remember

Sign into all classes (abbreviate).


Be aware of the Cancellation/Reschedule Policy. Always prebook classes. Text/call/email (texting is best) if you have website issues.


Remind instructor of Membership Punchcard at beginning of class if you purchase one with cash or do a walk-in.


Parking – During business hours (M-F 6am-5pm) DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF NEIGHBORS; park in first 3 spaces in front of studio & center island. If those are full, overflow to the street. Evenings and weekends we usually have the whole parking lot to ourselves & you can park wherever.


Utilize cubbies/lockers, as there is limited space and bulky items make the dance space even smaller. Bring your own lock for lockers.


Shorts & tank top is best from Conditions class & up. (We utilize our skin for friction).


Stay moisturized, but don’t put lotion/oils on directly before class.


Take off any medal jewelry. Be courteous of damaging equipment, plus it can be dangerous.


Take a drink of water at any time. 


Cleanliness is practiced – Wipe down mats and poles at the end & roll mats up NEATLY (not half rolled, otherwise bring your own) & put away.

Classes will consist of: Warming up, the main part of class, record time (ask others around you permission), cool down, & then swap to the next class.

Be courteous of the class before and after yours.

  • Don’t linger too long in main studio.

  • Don’t barge in on poles before your class time.


Warming up, stretching, and cooling down is important. For the sake of your own safety, it is EXPECTED you participate to the best of your ability.

  • Be aware of our 15 Minute Late policy.

  • The cool down is important! It brings our heart rate back to normal safely, you get the most benefits out of your stretches, & helps prevent DOMS.

Shoulder injury is the #1 injury in pole.

  • There are tons of moves. Don’t feel like you have to be able to do every single move out there.

  • A lot of people want to RUN before learning to WALK, and that’s when injuries can happen.

  • Don’t do too many spins. Make sure to always add variety.

  • Know your limit.

  • If you ever feel like you shouldn’t do a move one more time, listen to your body telling you that.

  • It's better to call it a day once in awhile than come back from an injury.


Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all on our own point in our fitness journey and we're all here to learn and share the love of pole. Let instructor know if you need more guidance. We are here to help you succeed & be your #1 cheerleader! Reach out if you need us! BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. "Every pro was once a beginner."


​We ask that everyone practices mindfulness at this studio. We want everyone to feel welcome & supported. If you ever feel there is an issue happening with you please let instructor know & the situation will be addressed accordingly.


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