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Meet The Team

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Fizzy~B~Dazzle (Brittni)

Fizzy, wife and mother of two beautiful girls, has always had a passion for dancing. As soon as she discovered pole dance fitness, she knew she wanted to pursue something further with it. She found the art-form beautiful, the strength intriguing, and the workout of it all fun! The confidence brought forth constantly enhances with endless growth, and she would love to introduce and share with Spokane, WA the benefits this wonderful art has to offer!

Fizzy's background in pole all started one day in 2008 when she was working at a club and saw a performer and was taken aback by the beauty. Although working at the club was short lived at that time because she ended up having to move over to the coast for 2 1/2 years, she could never get pole off her mind ever since and was always drawn to it. 

At the end of 2010, she moved back to Spokane and started working at a bar that had professional dancers and was ignited again by that underlying pole passion she always felt deep down. She started googling videos and really saw the diversity in styles and just fell absolutely in love with all aspects of it! During this time, her first bun was in the oven and was unable to fully take pole dancing on like she would have really loved to do. She didn't even have a clue of where to buy a pole, so after closing the bar at night she would get on stage and play around a little. 

After asking around and trying to look on the internet for where to get a pole, she finally got her own pole in her home in 2012, although it was just a novelty pole. She started learning moves from YouTube, and because it was just a novelty pole, she was only able to spin in one direction. For those who don't know much about poles, like herself at the time, novelty poles are not the best quality poles and are only really meant for walking around. She searched Spokane for local classes but could never find any. She became a professional dancer just for the sake of being able to dance on the pole on stage. She always found more joy in pole with being able to share it with others. When her friends would come over, she would try to get them on the pole. She discontinued dancing professionally but still always had a love for pole and continued to dance at home. Fizzy has nothing against strippers or stripping, she just desired a place to be able to dance on a pole, but without having to be a stripper. 

Fizzy continued to search for a place to learn in Spokane and was still not able to find anything. So, the journey of only dancing at home went on. Until one day everything changed!

Fizzy was a stay at home mom and was unsure of what she really wanted in life. One birthday, she made a really cool cake for her now husband and decided that she was going to pursue a career in cake decorating since she found joy in it. She YouTubed videos on how to make fondant and figurines and started making cakes for everyone's birthday while she awaited the professional baking program at Spokane Community College. She even started making cakes to make a little money. Looking back, it was a start to where she really wanted to be. 

News finally came that she'd be starting the baking program, but all at the same time of being blessed with the ability to buy a home and land that needed to be developed. So, the first quarter of school she would wake up, go to school for 6 hours, pick her daughter up afterwards, go to her new property and work until dark, go back to her current home, and get up the next day to do it all over again. Living out of boxes all quarter due to moving at the same time, she was thankful to have the summer off school. The summer was filled with continuing to do things for the new home and developing land. 

The journey of opening her pole studio all started when a fellow colleague planted the seed. While attending SCC in 2014 for the professional baking program to pursue cake decorating, a conversation ignited during the last quarter of the program about what she truly had a passion for in life. Fizzy always desired to be a pole instructor. She also finally purchased a better pole (XPole) at this time. 

The dream seemed farfetched and impossible considering Fizzy couldn't even find a single pole fitness studio in Spokane to attend classes at. She had no idea where to start. The fellow colleague asked Fizzy why she didn't just create her own studio. Her response was because she had no clue how to even do that! That's when the discussion of the general business program at SCC got introduced.

Fizzy met up with a school counselor to further look into the program, and launched with her dream! Ecstatic ever since, the opening of the studio came after an immense amount of hard work, studying, research, and training. Fizzy couldn't be more excited to help share with other people what brings her so much joy!

Fizzy had been on the journey to open Soul Magik Studios since the beginning of 2015. She completed her first program with a Professional Baking Certificate at the beginning of 2015 and went straight into her business program. Her second child was also underway during this time and she did a year of online classes until her youngest was a year old. Finishing the remainder of her program on campus, she completed her AAS in general business with honors in June of 2017 and continued in mapping out the final details of the studio, as well as getting pole instructor certified. 

Since opening, Fizzy has competed in Pole Sport Organization (PSO) competitions, placing various times in various categories. She has helped an array of students compete & plans to continue to compete & help others compete. Fizzy has also always been drawn to performing and has been performing with the Victress Voices, around Spokane, Montana & Idaho, her own studio, Coil,  & has also performed with Snoop Dog, Cordell Drake, Lyndsay Lee, Jaeda Templeton, & Crystal Marie Aragon.

Fizzy has taken online courses and designed the studio in a way of what she would want personally as someone looking to learn. She is extremely open to learning the needs and wants of her customers and continues to attempt to make the studio a fun and accepting place for everyone. Her focus is to get people to find the joy and passion in their own unique pole journey. Everyone's pole journey is unique and different. Expressing yourself feels good and expressing them dancing on a pole is a healthy way to release emotions. Not only does it benefit individuals by releasing those emotions, others get to see that beauty! 

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Kendra’s bellydance journey started almost accidentally in the year 2000 when her mom randomly bought her an instructional video when she was just 15 years old. She studied alone in her room for weeks before finding a teacher in the next town over. Attending these classes awoke within her a passion (and obsession) for dance, which grew to be her main artistic focus for the next two decades!


She has trained in many styles, starting out with Egyptian Cabaret, then transitioning into ATS (American Tribal Style). From there she naturally flowed into a Fusion style of her own, pulling moves and inspiration from various dance styles.


She has trained under some of the biggest names in the bellydance world such as Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Kami Liddle, and Sonia Ochoa, to name a few. She has taught off and on for many years and has performed all over the region.


Her style focuses on isolations and layering moves. Drawing simple shapes using isolations to give the illusion of your body creating the music as it plays. The goal of each class is to strengthen your ability to have complete control of your body, so that you can highlight any part of the music in any way that you desire!


Kierra (Kiki)

Kiki grew up on the southern East Coast before moving to Spokane, WA in 2018. She is a new mom who is currently pursuing her Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. She has always been in love with learning any form of dance available to her over the years including pole, belly dancing, hula, and salsa. Her love of twerk and whining developed naturally alongside her love of hip-hop as her early days of dance were mostly spent learning from watching music videos on BET.


Kiki is excited to bring and share the fun of twerk with you! Her goal is to encourage you to have a blast as you feel empowered to move your body and embrace your jiggle!



Crystal, coming all the way from New Mexico, her yoga journey began when she was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, which led to an emergency surgery when she was 12. She was told she would never be able to practice yoga or even dance with her jazz and hiphop team again. She was placed on pain medication and was devastated at her lack of mobility.


Fed up, she went to a yoga studio in her home town looking for relief. That day changed her life! With regular practice and her trainers back home, she was able to stop taking pain medications and almost fully eliminate the pain in her back. Since then, she has decided to share her personal story and knowledge by becoming a yoga instructor, hoping to change lives, as her teachers changed hers!


Jess Switzer
Guest Instructor

Jess began her teaching career at age fifteen, and never looked back!


 She is well-versed in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop; specializing in contemporary jazz and pointe. She has also dabbled in classical partnering, African jazz, Bollywood, belly dancing, Aerial silks, pole dancing, and Irish step. As an adult, she has continued her education by taking classes from Sonya Tayeh, Denise Wall, Stacey Tookey, Ray Leeper, Katy Spreadbury, Mandy Moore, and many others. Her students have gone on to participate in prestigious programs including the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, ABT, Joffrey, Marymount California, YAGP, Long Beach Ballet, and more.