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A special thanks to all backers who were able to be a part of the studio by backing the kickstarter campaign launched in August of 2018. Thanks to everyone listed, Twirl Lit Fitness reached it's funding goal September 29th, 2018 in which was a HUGE help in part of the start up money for this amazing studio! Forever listed below and also hung on the wall at the studio will be a part of the studio's history and legend. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude of all the love and support from everyone!

Here's to giving a big shout out to say THANK YOU!

The Creative Fund

Eric Wolfe

Krista Redfield Jones

Michael Allen

Kelsey & Jared Wash

Megan Salisbury

Marc Harvey

Gayle Anderson

Jamie Bradley

Laura Jacobson

Catherine Hoffman


Casey & Lanora Laprath

Tamara Helmer

Mary McAdam

Kerry Dolan

Julie Funke

Sue & Alan Lesher

P. Dennis Waltman

Greg & Shelley Lesher

Ariel Garza

Smed Sander

Kristen Ennis


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